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Online Trade Licence Renewal & Application

Looking to start a new business and still confused with what sort of paperwork you require? No worries Let’s begin with a Trade License. Our team at Legal251 will get you a trade license in no time and start your business smoothly

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All the business or trade must conduct the following Municipal Corporation’s safety regulations as it keeps the people safe from any health issues.
Also, the license does not allow the holder to do any other trade or company.Furthermore, the holder of this license does not become the owner of any property. It makes sure that any sort of trade nuisance adversely harms no one. With Legal251 you will easily get your trade license without any hassle.

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An individual or firm requires a trade license while conducting business or trade in a specific municipality, it’s mandatory for any business or trade to start a business/firm. The application for procuring a Trade License differs from state to state this license provides societal harmony by making sure that businesses follow necessary rules, regulations, norms and safety precautions.

  howtoapply How to apply 


Benefits of Trade Licence Registration with Legal251 


Enhancing Credibility


Increased Consumer Trust


Better Access to Resources


Legal Compliance and Avoiding Penalties


Prioritizing Employee welfare


Upholding Consumer Protection


Enhanced Market Advantage


Better Taxation and Increased Revenue Generation

Online vs Offline Trade Licence Application  

Every Society registered in India needs to renew its Certificate every 5 years. The renewal process is as follows:-

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    Online application is much feasible as it could be done from anywhere by visiting the online portal of the local authority, whereas Offline Application requires to be physically present and consumes much time and energy.

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    Offline application requires desk to desk paper formalities where Online application is paperless and less time consuming. Verification of documents takes less time in an online application

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    Applicants can easily pay through the online portal where in Offline application it needs to be physically present.

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    The Trade licence gets generated faster through an Online Application whereas this Offline Application is much time taking.


Documents Required for Online Trade Licence Application 

Sole Proprietorship / Individual

file Passport size Photograph of the proprietor

file Aadhar Card/Voter ID/ Passport/Pan Card/ Driving License

file Self Declaration

file Nature of your Business / Brand

file Property Tax Receipt

file Office address proof:

Ellipse Own office:

file Registry or Ownership Deed

Ellipse Rented office:

file Rental Agreement / NOC from Any Relative


file Passport size Photographs of Applicant

fileAadhar Card /Voter ID / Passport /Pan Card / Driving License of Karta

fileHUF Deed Document

file Self Declaration

file Nature of your Business / Brand

file Property tax Receipt

file Office address proof:

file Own office:

file Copy of registry

Ellipse Rented office:

file Rent agreement

Partnership deed / LLP Agreement

file Passport size Photographs of Partners

file Aadhar Card /Voter ID / Passport /Pan Card / Driving License of Partners

file Self Declaration

file Partnership Deed

fileNature of your Business / Brand

fileProperty tax Receipt

file Office address proof:

Ellipse Own office:

file Registry or Ownership Deed in the name of Partnership firm

Ellipse Rented office:

file Rental agreement

Society / Trust / Club

filePassport size Photographs of President or Secretary

file Aadhar Card /Voter ID / Passport /Pan Card / Driving License of President or Secretary

fileSelf Declaration

file Certificate of Registration

file Nature of your Business / Brand

file Property tax Receipt

file Office address proof:

Ellipse Own office:

file Copy of registry

Ellipse Rented office:

file Rent agreement

Private limited / Public limited / One person company

file Passport size Photographs of Directors

file Aadhar Card /Voter ID / Passport /Pan Card / Driving License of Directors

file Self Declaration

fileCertificate of Incorporation

file MOA

file AOA

fileNature of your Business / Brand

fileProperty tax Receipt

fileOffice address proof:

Ellipse Own office:

file Registry or Ownership Deed of Company

Ellipse Rented office:

file Rental agreement

Don't have all these documents?
We will help you in preparing these documents

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*Other documents might be required additionally by the department

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Online Trade Licence Application  

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    Follow the Local Regulations and Acts
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    Determine the Type of License You Need
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    Proper Documentation
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    Correct Application Form
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    Information of Business
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    Inspection and Verification
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    Paying Right Fees
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    Seeking Right Assistance

  registration Registration Process 

Our team will analyze the documents you've submitted to avoid any discrepancy, looking for any misleading or incorrect information.

Our best professionals are here to help you with document and licensing requirements as required by the state or central department.

The relevant expert will review your documents to apply for your trade licence.

If the application is approved, your business or trade will be registered with the municipality or municipal corporation.

It's recommended to wait until one of our experts contacts you to let you know your licence has been issued.

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FAQs on Trade Licence 

Every business requires a trade licence as a legal compliance. As , it operates within the government set parameters which maintains industry standards and follow regulations.

Businesses including shops, factories, restaurants, healthcare facilities, entertainment and more require trade license based on the nature of operation and location.

To apply, visit the local municipal authority, fill the required forms, provide the necessary documents and pay the necessary required fees.

Generally these documents include identity proof, address, ownership/lease of premises and any other documents specified by local authorities.

Operating without a trader licence is illegal and results in oenalties, fines or even business closure

Yes, you can apply for multiple Trade Licenses.

Doing business with an valid trade licence leads to legal consequences likes fines, penalties, closure and legal action. It could also damage the business’s reputation.

Its best to display the trade license. It establishes legitimacy and compliance.


Why Choose Legal251 for Online Trade Licence? 

Convenient Trade License Registration

With Legal251, users can easily register online just by filling his/her name, email ID, contact number and choosing Online Trade Licence Services . After your online registration, our team will contact you and move further with the required process.


Best Online Platform

Legal251 has one of the biggest online client bases, making us one of the Best Online Platforms in India, which will help you in getting your Trade Licence in no time. It doesn't matter where you are, we are ready to serve you online


Best Customer Support

The legal251 team is also known for its complete support and assistance among its clients. We will not only support you after getting your registration but we also appreciate your feedback.


Experienced Team

We are well versed with Trade Licence acquisition as with 10 years of experience in the industry. So, choosing us will always benefit you by working with the best experts, this will ease and smoothen up the process of getting the Trade Licence.


On-time Service

Our Team is always ready to provide you with on-time service. We know the value of your time so without wasting any time we immediately start working on your Trade Licence process.


Pocket-friendly Services

We provide nominal and pocket-friendly services without compromising on the quality of work. With your every investment in us, we make sure that your satisfaction and budget are our priority.


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