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TDS Calculator

TDS Calculator

TDS is a method to collect income tax from an individual's salary before receiving their salary. Our TDS calculator will assist you in calculating the estimated amount of deduction. This online tool is easy to use, and you need to provide some basic details such as PAN Card, amount of Payment, and Nature of Payment, and select whether you are a Sole Proprietor/HUF/Individual or Other, and it's done!

Financial Year 2021-2022

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₹ 50,000



Get Exact Estimation

The online TDS calculator gives the estimation of the amount you are liable to deduct on a particular transaction.

Easy & Simple to Use

Our TDS calculator is an online tool for calculating the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). You can use it from anywhere without putting in the extra effort.

Faster Processing

It can calculate TDS really fast as compared to offline calculators or procedures.



You can calculate TDS with the formula given below:

  • Average Income Tax Rate = Income Tax Payable (as per the slab rates) / Estimated Income for the financial year.
  • After taking the basic details from you, the TDS calculator works on the preset formula.
    Yes, it will show the TDS percentage as well as the amount.
    Once you declare the amount paid as rent, you can claim its exemption.