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Plan your loan quickly with the easiest online EMI Calculator while getting accurate results every time. Save your time, and plan better.

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Simplifies Loan Planning

The EMI calculator gives you the applicable EMI and the complete amortization calendar that helps you plan better and more straightforwardly.

Consistent & Accurate Results

This EMI calculator consistently gives accurate answers without any calculation error while allowing you to change your inputs to get desired results.

Easy to Use & Time-Saving

You only need to furnish the essential details such as loan amount, tenure, and interest rate, which instantly give you the results.



EMI refers to Equated Monthly Installment, the amount an individual must pay to the bank or any other lender every month until you entirely pay off the loan.
You can use this online EMI calculator to calculate all types of loans, including personal, car, and business loans. You only need to know the payable interest on the principal amount for the tenure.
An Equated Monthly Installment consists of your interest payable on the principal amount and the tenure.
The unpaid EMIs attract penalties from financial institutions, so if you fail to pay your EMIs, you have to pay an extra amount in future.