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If you are a group of individuals coming together for a common interest or cause for promoting art & culture, science, charity, or more, do your Society Registration (SOCR) at the earliest & make this world a beautiful place with like-minded people!
In a broader sense, a “society” is a non-profit organization of several people coming together for a purposeful cause or to promote philanthropic activities such as education, sports, culture, religion, art, music, and more. In India, Society Registration takes place under the Society Registration Act 1860, which the state governments have adopted with or without amendments or revisions.
In Madhya Pradesh, you can register your Society under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 1973. However, at least seven people should be there for society registration. Apart from Indian citizens, foreigners, companies, and other registered societies can register for the Society’s Memorandum of Association (MOA). At the same time, society registration is mandatory to follow the rules & regulations maintained by the state governments.
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Easy Record Keeping

Better recognition

Can Buy, Sell, or Rent Property

Easy Fundraising

Ensure Better Management

Provides Legal Status

Assists in Opening Current Account

Statutory Vesting of Wealth

Tax Exemption Under Income Tax Act

Assist in Legal Proceeding

Carry Fewer Liabilities

  Registration Process 

Our legal maestros will carefully review all the documents submitted by you to avoid mistakes to make the process smooth.

Our best Firms & Society registration experts are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

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After acceptance of the application, the application ID, Transaction ID, and Challan Reference ID will be generated, which we will provide you and proceed further.

You are supposed to wait until our expert reaches out to notify you of the Society registration.



Society is a bunch of people who come together for a common purpose.
Yes, after registration, a Society becomes a Legal Entity.
Society Registration helps improve the civic life of people of a place and ultimately of a country.
A minimum of seven members are required to incorporate a society in India.
No, Society will continue to operate even after a change in membership.
Individuals, companies, Partnership Firm, Foreigners, and Registered Society are eligible to obtain Society Registration.
To change the name of your Society, all the members of the Society need to conduct a general meeting followed by the passing of the resolution. After everyone signs the resolution, you can submit it to the registrar.
No, relatives are not eligible to become a member of a Society.
The “General Body’ means Members of the Society who have subscribed to the Memorandum of the Society.
The term “Components” include Name, Object, and Details of the Members and Registered Office.


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