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Capital Gains Calculator assists investors in saving on taxes in long-term gains. It enables the taxpayer to inflate the asset's buying price by considering the result of inflation and estimates the taxable gain by reckoning the sale price.

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Capital Gain Calculator

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Easy and Quick Processing

With the online Capital Gain Calculator, now calculate both Long Term Capital Gain and Short Term Capital Gain easily in a blink of an eye.

Accurate Results

You only have to put the values and variables, and the online capital gain calculator will do it for you with full accuracy.

No More Complexities

This Capital Gain calculator helps you estimate all the gains and losses along with the tax payable with zero complexity.



If the selling amount of a capital asset is more than the purchasing amount, this (extra) amount is Capital Gain. Similarly goes with Capital Loss. When the selling amount is lower than the purchasing amount, it is a Capital Loss.

The gain comes under the income, so the taxpayer needs to pay tax on the gain.
You can calculate Capital Gain as Capital gain = final value - ( cost of acquisition of capital asset + cost of improvement of capital asset + cost of transfer of a capital asset).
A capital asset is any asset one acquires for personal or business use. It may be movable, immovable, tangible, intangible, circulating or fixed, such as shares, stocks, house property, and so.
Yes, but only in the case of long-term capital assets. The benefit is not applicable to short-term capital assets.