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Dissolution of Partnership Firm

According to the Indian Partnership Act 1932, one can dissolve a partnership using the Dissolution of Deeds. Let Legal251 handle your DISD for you.

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Forming a partnership is the simplest way to start an establishment with another person. But, sometimes, you have to put an end to the partnership firm, which is known as Dissolution of partnership. And for that, you have to make a Dissolution of Deed.

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A Dissolution Deed or Dissolution of Partnership Deed is written or made when the partnership between the partners of a firm dissolves. The Dissolution takes place according to Section 39 of the Indian Partnership Act 1932.

The term "firm dissolution" suggests the breakup of a partnership between all its business participants. This process clarifies the discarding and selling of the respective firm's assets, accounts and liability settlements. However, the partnership firm dissolution, legal provisions and account settlement come with certain risks and must be handled professionally.

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What is Partnership Firm Dissolution?  

A partnership is a unique business structure in which two or more individuals come together to operate a business having a shared objective and pre-defined ratio of profit and loss. Partnerships like any other business may face challenges that may lead to the dissolution of the firm. A properly prescribed procedure is followed for the dissolution of the partnership and usually the same is mentioned in the partnership agreement.

Dissolution of a partnership refers to the termination or cessation of the partnership business, effectively ending the association among partners. This dissolution of the partnership firm can be voluntary or compulsory, like in the case where the firm is found conducting unlawful business.

The process to dissolve the partnership involves winding down the business activities, settling all accounts, liabilities and claims among the partners and finally distributing the remaining assets according to the agreed-upon terms which are either mentioned in the partnership contract or an entirely new deed is formed mentioning the terms, procedure and conditions of the dissolution.

The reasons for which a partnership can be dissolved:

  • Agreement
    Mutual Agreement
  • Completion
    Completion of the motive or project for which the firm was created
  • partner's-death
    Death of a Partner
  • Bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy, retirement or insolvency of a partner
  • Breach
    Breach of the partnership agreement
  • partnershipPeriod
    End of partnership period
  • Selling
    Selling the firm to a third party
  • CourtOrder
    Sometimes a firm is dissolved Via a Court Order

What are the different ways of Dissolution of a Partnership Firm?  

Partnership dissolution can happen in different ways. Dissolution may take place contingent on the circumstances surrounding the said decision. The methods include voluntary dissolution by mutual agreement, compulsory termination of the partnership due to legal requirements or court orders and premature dissolution initiated before the agreed partnership period concludes. The manner of dissolution depends on the unique factors influencing the partnership.

The main five ways in which a Partnership can be dissolved can be Dissolution by Agreement, Dissolution of the firm can also occur when a specific event happens that makes it impossible or illegal for the firm to continue the functions of the partnership, It can happen if a specific event occurs that is listed in the partnership agreement as a ground for dissolution, one of the partners can dissolve the firm by giving written notice to the other partners and it can also happen if a court can order the dissolution of a partnership firm if there is a good reason to do so.

After the dissolution of the firm, the partners will need to agree on how to wind up the business. It includes selling assets, paying off debts and distributing. The partnership may also need to file the necessary paperwork with the government according to the laws specified in the Partnership Act. The partners will also need to comply with the required tax laws of the country. Legal251 can be helpful in this process of dissolution of your partnership firm.

Clause to Dissolve a Partnership in Partnership Deed  

Before commencement of a partnership usually a written agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership is made. This document may include a specific clause addressing the dissolution of the partnership.

This clause outlines the circumstances under which the partnership can be dissolved, ensuring a clear understanding of the process among the partners. The clause for dissolving a partnership in a Partnership Deed depends upon various factors, including the partners' specific needs and preferences, prevailing laws of the land and the type of partnership.

The following are some points that should be kept in mind while drafting a dissolution clause:

  • events
    Specific events that can trigger the dissolution of the end the partnership
  • notice
    Partners can give notice in writing to remaining partners for dissolving a partnership firm in India
  • Completion
    Completion of the Project if the partnership was established for a specific purpose
  • Specify
    Specify who will be notified about the dissolution
  • process
    Detail the process of Winding Up the business
  • Determine
    Determine how partnership accounts will be handled
  • Specify
    Specify how any disputes arising during the dissolution process will be resolved

Decoding Section 39 of the Indian Partnership Act:  

The Partnership Act of 1932 governs the partnership in India, providing legal guidelines for their formation and dissolution. Section 39 of the act defines the Dissolution of a firm. It states that the dissolution of a partnership between all the partners of a firm is called dissolution of the firm.

Section 39 sets the stage for further clauses in the Act, it deals with different ways in which a partnership is dissolved, such as by agreement, by Compulsory dissolution, on the happening of certain contingencies, by notice and by court order. This Section does not hunt through the specifics of how a partner may dissolve the firm. Subsequent sections of the act cover the winding-up process, distribution of assets and settlement of liabilities.

Section 39 applies to all registered partnerships in India. For unregistered partnerships, common law principles and contract terms might influence the process of dissolution. Understanding the said section is essential for a lawful dissolution of the firm. If you need any help with the same you may contact the experts just by sitting at home with the help of the Legal251 platform.

Aspects of Premature Dissolution of Partnership Firm  

A partnership firm that dissolves before the agreed-upon term which is usually mentioned in the partnership deed, is considered premature dissolution. This can happen due to disagreements, financial issues or other unforeseen circumstances. The Premature Dissolution of a Partnership Firm comes with various aspects to consider, some of which are mentioned as follows:-

  • Process
    Dissolution Process
  • Winding
    Winding Up
  • Liabilities
    Financial Liabilities
  • Tax-Implications
    Tax Implications
  • bulitPoint
    Rights and Responsibilities of Partners
  • Goodwill
    Goodwill and Reputation
  • relationship
    Emotional relationship between partners
  • Loss-Opportunities
    Loss of Business Opportunities
  • Negative-Impact
    Negative Impact on Employees and Associates
  • Seeking
    Seek Professional Advice


FAQs on Dissolution of Partnership 

The ways of dissolving a Partnership Firm are:
Dissolution by Mutual Consent
Dissolution by Notice
Dissolution by Court
Compulsory Dissolution
Dissolution Due to Contingencies

When two or more partners don't find it suitable to continue under some circumstances, in such cases, the court may dissolve the partnership of the firm. Some main grounds where Dissolution by Court takes place are:
Due to the Mental Instability of a partner
Due to misconduct
Transfer of Equity/Interest

The partners are liable for any act/occurrence after Dissolution except the ones who are insolvent/dead.

The Compulsory Dissolution of a firm occurs when (i) All partners or all partners except one partner are declared insolvent and (ii) The firm is carrying out illegal activities such as dealing drugs.

Under this section, the Dissolution of Deeds Act describes what is meant by the Dissolution of a firm to mean the Dissolution of a partnership between all the partners.

Section 44 provides the grounds on which a court may dissolve a partnership.

Yes, business continues in the Dissolution of partnership, whereas the company is closed in the Dissolution of a firm.

Mutual consent is the best and most straightforward way to dissolve a partnership firm.

No, the remaining partners can continue the business. Therefore, there is no need to dissolve the firm.

Yes, and there is a need for a new partnership deed.


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