Dissolution Of Deeds

According to Indian Partnership Act 1932, one can dissolve a partnership using the Dissolution of Deeds agreement. Let Legal251 handle your DISD for you.

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The simplest way to start an establishment with another person is to form a partnership. But, sometimes, you have to put an end to the partnership firm, which is known as Dissolution of partnership. And for that, you have to make a Dissolution of Deed.
Dissolution Deed or Dissolution of Partnership Deed is written or made when the partnership between the partners of a firm dissolves. The Dissolution takes place according to Section 39 under the Indian Partnership Act 1932.
The term "firm dissolution" suggests the breakup of a partnership between all its business participants. This process clarifies the discarding and selling of the respective firm's assets, accounts, and liability settlements. However, the partnership firm dissolution, legal provisions, and account settlement come with certain risks included, and it needs to be handled professionally.
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Removal of Partners

Sharing Profits

Avoid Legal Proceedings

Regulates Liabilities & Duties

Protects Rights

Effective & Clear Communication


Avoid Mistakes

Easy Settlements

Assigning Outstanding Debts

Avoid State Default Rules

  Registration Process 

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The respective professional will move further with your documents to apply for your Dissolution of Deed registration.

The Registrar of Firm (RoF) will verify the application along with the NOC provided by all the firm's partners.

We will share the Application number with you through which you can track your Dissolution of Deed Registration status.



The ways of dissolving a Partnership Firm are:
Dissolution by Mutual Consent
Dissolution by Notice
Dissolution by Court
Compulsory Dissolution
Dissolution Due to Contingencies
When two or more partners don't find it suitable to continue under some circumstances, in such cases, the court may dissolve the partnership of the firm. Some main grounds where Dissolution by Court takes place are:
Due to the Mental Instability of a partner
Due to misconduct
Transfer of Equity/Interest
The partners are liable for any act/occurrence after Dissolution except the ones who are insolvent/dead.
The Compulsory Dissolution of a firm occurs when (i) All partners or all partners except one partner are declared insolvent and (ii) The firm is carrying out illegal activities such as dealing drugs.
Under this section, the Dissolution of Deeds Act describes what is meant by the Dissolution of a firm to mean the Dissolution of a partnership between all the partners.
Section 44 provides the grounds on which a court may dissolve a partnership.
Yes, business continues in the Dissolution of partnership, whereas the company is closed in the Dissolution of a firm.
Mutual consent is the best and most straightforward way to dissolve a partnership firm.
No, the remaining partners can continue the business. Therefore, there is no need to dissolve the firm.
Yes, and there is a need for a new partnership deed.


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