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Simple Interest Calculator

Financial Year 2021-2022

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What is Simple Interest?

Interest is a fee on the money you invest, borrow or take as a loan. Simple In Simple Interest, the interest rate only applies to the loan or investment's principal amount and will not modify if any other interest occurs, unlike compound interest. Our SI Calculator is a handy tool for computing interest on loans and savings accounts without compounding.



Easy & Faster Calculation

With our Simple Interest Calculator, you can quickly and efficiently calculate all the simple interest amounts, irrespective of the amount.

Instant and Accurate Results

Unlike the conventional offline SI calculators, our online SI calculator gives you instant results even for complex calculations with a hundred per cent accuracy.

Easy Comparison

Our Simple Interest Calculator lets you compare simple interest rates against compound interest rates while determining the current value of money.



Yes, you can use this SI calculator 24*7.
Yes, our SI calculator is free, and you don’t have to pay anything.
The formula for computing Simple Interest is (P x R x T) ÷ 100, where:
P = Principal
R = Rate of Interest
T = Time for Tenure (for which you will earn interest)

You only have to put the values of P, R, & T in the online SI calculator, and you will get the results in moments.
No. The principal amount and the interest rates don’t change.