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Reduce your medical expenses using the ESI scheme. Complete your ESIC Registration to get the monetary, medical and other benefits under the ESI Act.

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Register yourself with the ESI scheme to cut your medical expenses and get monetary benefits under the ESI Act. Our experts are ready to help you with ESIC Registration.
Whether you are an employee working on a 9-5 job or an employer with a number of employees at your office, you both need to register under the Employee State Insurance (ESI) Act 1948. ESIC Registration is compulsory for every factory & specified establishments for their employees waging less than Rs. 21,000/- per month.
The employer's statutory responsibility under Section 2A of the Act read with Regulation 10-B is to register their Factory/Establishment under the ESI Act within 15 days from the date of its applicability to them.
It is a social protection scheme that protects from uncertain events of sickness, maternity, disability, and injury caused by death in the term of employment. The ESIC scheme also focuses on providing medical care facilities to the insured employees and their family members (dependents). Contact us to get help with your ESIC Registration and say goodbye to those expensive medical bills.
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  How to apply 


Medical Benefits

Sickness Benefits

Disablement Benefits

Maternity Benefits

Funeral Expenses

Dependent Benefits

Unemployment Allowance

Death Benefits

Old Age Care Medical Expenses

Physical Rehabilitation

Confinement Expenses

  Registration Process 

Our legal maestros will review all the documents you submit to lessen the chances of incorrect or misleading information to make the process smooth.

Our best ESIC professionals are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

The respective professional will move further with your documents to apply for your ESIC Registration.

Once your Registration Letter is generated by the ESIC authorities, we will share it with you & will also track the status of your application.

You are supposed to wait until our expert reaches out to notify you of the generation of your unique ESIC Identification Number.



Any company employing more than 20 employees with a maximum salary of Rs. 21,000 (25,000 in case of a person with a disability) must obtain ESIC Registration.
Yes, ESIC Registration is mandatory for any company having a minimum of 20 employees.
Yes, it is mandatory for all employers who are eligible to register their establishment/unit/factory. It is a legal responsibility for the employer to report their business under ESI Act within 15 days of the Act becoming applicable to them.
The term "ESIC Return" refers to a return filed by every employer registered under the ESIC. An employer needs to file his return twice a year.
You need to acquire Form-9 from your employer to claim ESI.
Yes, as per the ESI Act, cash, disability, medical, maternity, and dependent benefits are included in the "ESIC Benefits". The definition of "dependents" includes parents as well.
It is a 17-digit unique identification number issued to every registered establishment, generated when the employer submits the required details on the ESIC portal or receives a survey report from the Social Security Officer.
Apprentices, employees earning a salary of more than 21,000 a month, and members of the Indian Armed Forces are not considered employees.
No, overtime is not included in the wage calculation of an employee.
The term "Medical Benefits" includes the complete treatment of a person.


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