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ESIC Registration Online

Increase your worthiness and Employee satisfaction by registering in the ESIC. Yes, you heard it right get your business registered under the ESIC with Legal251

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Register your Business with ESIC (Employees' State Insurance Corporation) to cut the medical expenses incurred by your employees.
ESIC registration is a mandate for business which are having more than 20 Employees and earning wages of Rs.21,000/-Per month.

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Its the employer’s responsibility under the section 2A of the ESIC Act and regulation 10-B for registration under the ESIC Act within 15 days from its applicability.
It acts as a social protection scheme which provides protection from sickness, maternity, disability and injury suffered during the course of employment.
This Scheme focuses on giving medical care to the employees insured under this scheme, it also extends to their family members.

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Benefits of Online ESIC Registration with Legal251 


Contribution to Economic Growth


Employee Welfare and Social Security


Financial Support During Adversities


Reducing Financial Stress


Promoting Equitable Treatment


Legal Compliance


Healthcare Access


Employee Retention and Morale


Preventive Healthcare


Alleviating Employer Liability

Common Mistakes to Avoid in ESIC Online Registration  

  • bulitPoint
    Neglecting Legal Compliance
  • bulitPoint
    Incorrect Selection of Organisational Structure
  • bulitPoint
    Inadequate Documentation and Record-Keeping
  • bulitPoint
    Inadequate Research and Planning
  • bulitPoint
    Lack of Clear Objectives and Focus
  • bulitPoint
    Poor Financial Planning


Documents Required for ESIC Online Registration  

  • bulitPoint
    Registration Certificate
  • bulitPoint
    Certificate of incorporation
  • bulitPoint
    Memorandum of Association
  • bulitPoint
    Articles of Association of the company
  • bulitPoint
    List of all employees working
  • bulitPoint
    PAN Card of the business
  • bulitPoint
    Compensation Details all the employees
  • bulitPoint
    Address proof:

    :- Utility bills

    :- Rental agreement

    :- Property tax receipts

  • bulitPoint
    List of directors of company
  • bulitPoint
    List of the shareholders of company
  • bulitPoint
    Attendance Register of the employees


ESIC Employee Registration: Simplified Process  

Our legal maestros will review all the documents you submit to lessen the chances of incorrect or misleading information to make the process smooth.

Our best ESIC professionals are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

The respective professional will move further with your documents to apply for your ESIC Registration.

Once your Registration Letter is generated by the ESIC authorities, we will share it with you & will also track the status of your application.

You are supposed to wait until our expert reaches out to notify you of the generation of your unique ESIC Identification Number.

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The Process of Online ESIC Registration  

  • Step1

    Step 1: Determine Eligibility

    Check the Eligibility criteria, make sure you have sufficient no. of employees and the wages are in the specified limit of the state laws.

  • Step2

    Step 2: Documentation

    Prepare the proper document such as the Address Proof, Employee Detail, PAN/Aadhar Card of the Owners/Directors, Certificate of Registration, Bank Details.

  • Step3

    Step 3: Online Registration

    Create an account on the ESIC Portal, if you don't have any.

  • Step4

    Step 4: Fill in the ESIC Form

    Fill the Employer Registration Form With the correct Information, it will require the business details such as address, number of employees and other information.

  • Step5

    Step 5: Upload Documents

    Upload these required documents as mentioned below:-

    • bulitPoint
      Address Proof
    • bulitPoint
      Employee List with Details
    • bulitPoint
      PAN card & Aadhar card of the Business Owner/partners/directors
    • bulitPoint
      Registration certificate of the Business
    • bulitPoint
      Bank Account details of Company
    • bulitPoint
      Bank Statement
  • Step6

    Step 6: Submit the Application

    Upload the documents and submit the application. Pay a nominal fees accordingly

  • Step7

    Step 7: Acknowledgment

    After application is submitted, a 17 digit registration number (ESIC Code). Its needed for all future communication related to ESIC.

  • Step8

    Step 8: Inspection

    ESIC will do an inspection of the business premises for verification.

  • Step9

    Step 9: ESIC Card

    The employees will receive an ESIC card after successful verification.

  • Step10

    Step 10: Compliance

    Ensure compliance with ESIC regulations. It includes employee details, contribution reports and renewing any registrations if required.

Understanding ESIC Registration for Employees  

As it's a mandate for business to register for the ESIC if they fall in the specified criteria its noteworthy for the employers cause in this system businesses whose strength is more than 20 have to register under the EPF scheme. A particular contribution by the employee and employer is contributed towards the welfare of the employees.

So, as a scheme it acts as a emergency benefit for the employees and for the employers its a way of worker retention and benefit from their side to the employees. Also, this enhances the employee-organisation effort, Ultimately allowing employees to generate a substantial sum of money for there retirement or for any other unforeseen financial duress.


FAQs on ESIC Registration 

Any company employing more than 20 employees with a maximum salary of Rs. 21,000 (25,000 in case of a person with a disability) must obtain ESIC Registration.

Yes, ESIC Registration is mandatory for any company having a minimum of 20 employees.

Yes, it is mandatory for all employers who are eligible to register their establishment/unit/factory. It is a legal responsibility for the employer to report their business under ESIC Act within 15 days of the Act becoming applicable to them.

The term "ESIC Return" refers to a return filed by every employer registered under the ESIC. An employer needs to file his return twice a year.

You need to acquire Form-9 from your employer to claim ESIC.

Yes, as per the ESIC Act, cash, disability, medical, maternity, and dependent benefits are included in the "ESIC Benefits". The definition of "dependents" includes parents as well.

It is a 17-digit unique identification number issued to every registered establishment, generated when the employer submits the required details on the ESIC portal or receives a survey report from the Social Security Officer.

Apprentices, employees earning a salary of more than 21,000 a month, and members of the Indian Armed Forces are not considered employees.

No, overtime is not included in the wage calculation of an employee.

The term "Medical Benefits" includes the complete treatment of a person.


Why Choose Legal251 for ESIC Registration? 

Convenient ESIC Registration

With Legal251, users can easily register online just by filling his/her name, email ID, contact number and choosing Online ESIC Registration Services . After your online registration, our team will contact you and move further with the required process.


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