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Terms and conditions

Let Legal251 tackle your Terms and Conditions (TNC), drafted and approved by experts covering all essential terms so that you can focus more on your business and not on the side hustles.

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The Terms and Conditions Agreement is a contract between you and your customers regarding the usage of your services. If you want your customer to follow your service guidelines, you must be clear about it from the beginning. Get help from our legal experts to prepare the best T&C Agreement today!
The Terms and Conditions agreement is also known as "General Conditions," "Legal Notes, "Terms of Use," or EULA ("End-User License Agreement"). A T&C agreement acts as legal for you and your customers. Though having a terms & conditions agreement is entirely optional, it can still be advantageous in building belief and mutual understanding between you and your customers/employees/users/. Also, it gives you the right to have the upper hand in any legal issue. So, with the help of our best legal experts, be future-ready according to your Terms & Conditions!

  How to apply 


Avoid Legal Disputes

Legal Compliance

Protection of Intellectual Property

Limitation of Liability

Prevent Abuses

Improved Confidence and Consistency

Gives Clarity

Regulate User Behavior & Conduct

Right to Withhold Access to Service

Protect Business & Legal Rights

Enforcement of Agreement

  Registration Process 

Our legal team will review all the documents you submit to lessen the chances of incorrect or misleading information to make the process smooth.

Our best lawyers are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

The respective professional will move further with your documents to apply for your Terms and Conditions document.

After completion, we will provide you with all the documents online.

It would be best to wait until our expert contacts you to inform you about completing your required document.



Terms and Conditions constitute a legal agreement between businesses and their customers. There are two main things a T&C agreement consists of:
  • What customers can expect from the business, and What businesses can expect from their customers
  • While businesses can have the Terms & Conditions agreement, online businesses frequently use it, such as a website, an app, a service and a SaaS (Software as a Service) product.
  • Yes. "Terms and Conditions" and "Terms of Use" are mostly the same but appear in different contexts.
  • While "Terms and Conditions" refer to an agreement that governs the provisions of an ongoing service, the name "Terms of Use" is commonly used for agreements governing the use of public networks.
  • No, Terms and Conditions are not legally required or mandatory. Hence they are optional.
    The motive of having a Terms and Conditions agreement is to protect your business and to allow you to set the rules related to the usage of your product, including things like governing law of contract, copyright conditions, and age limit.
    In some cases, yes. But, one cannot make changes frequently in the Terms and Conditions unilaterally unless it is in the contract. There's a clause that needs to be added in the agreement about contract variation, requiring agreement by both parties before making a change. Sometimes, a clause already mentioned within the terms allows unilateral amendments.
    You must display the Terms and Conditions on your website to be easily visible to the audience/users. It can be:
  • In the main menu
  • In the website footer
  • On check-out process
  • Within other site policies
  • On sign-up forms
  • Terms and Conditions rely upon the nature of the business an individual seeks to run, and they can fall under the copyright. However, if anyone else reproduces the Terms and Conditions, it's a copyright infringement.
    Yes, you can refuse to accept a change or variation in your contract's terms and conditions as an employee.
    Yes, the Terms and Conditions are legally binding.


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