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Not sure what to do after getting a legal notice? Don't worry. Let Legal251 help you with all your Legal Reply-related issues!



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Preferable in general matters where examination of documents is not required.



Preferable in matters where examination of documents is required.

Taking too much time to reply to the Legal Notice or failing may put you in serious legal trouble. Also, you might lose the chance to resolve the dispute amicably. Save your time and chances of getting a better resolution with our experts, who will tackle all your Legal Reply-related issues.
One thing everyone must understand about the legal Notice is to take it seriously and send a proper Legal Reply to avoid legal problems. At first, you should respond to the sender and try to resolve the matter benevolently. Replying to a legal notice is not mandatory. Still, it is advisable to send a proper reply to a Legal Notice so that the other party cannot take advantage of it, blaming you for not obeying the requirements of the Notice. Contact our finest legal experts for the best advice, and they will take care of all your Legal Replies.

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Resolution of Dispute

Amicable Settlement

Saves Time & Money

Saves from Non-compliance

Evidence of Communication

Chance to Deny Allegation & Claims

Legal Actions Against the Sender


Resolve Personal Conflicts out of the court

Avoid Legal Actions

Admissible in Court

  Registration Process 

Our legal maestros will review all the documents you submit to lessen the chances of incorrect or misleading information to make the process smooth.

Our best lawyers are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

The lawyers will move further with your documents to prepare for your Legal Reply.

After successfully verifying the documents you provided, our lawyers will prepare the Legal Reply on your behalf. You can download it online from our website or the Legal251 App.

It would be best to wait until our expert contacts you to inform you about completing your Legal Reply.



The first thing one should do after receiving a legal notice is to call the sender of the Notice and try to solve the dispute amicably.
According to the legal provisions, it is not compulsory to reply to a legal notice. However, not responding to a Legal Notice may add a legal advantage to the sender if the case appears in court. Thus, legal experts advise you to reply to a legal notice with the help of an experienced advocate.
A Legal Reply is a legal document written by a party, mainly replying to a Responsive Declaration and, in some cases, an answer to an obligation.
After receiving a legal notice, one should keep the following points in mind to send a Legal Reply:
  • Carefully read the Legal Notice
  • Contact an experienced lawyer
  • Brief the lawyer about the case with complete information
  • Send the Legal Reply and keep a copy of the reply with yourself for future
  • A Legal Notice contains lawful credentials. Thus it is essential to draft the Legal Policies to draft properly. You can take help from an experienced advocate or legal personnel from Legal251.
    One can send a reply to a Legal Notice within 15-45 days, depending upon the provisions under which the Notice is drafted.
    Legal Notice mostly served in the following cases:
  • Notice by an employee
  • Notice by employer
  • Consumer complaints
  • Property disputes
  • Recovery of money
  • Breach of contracts
  • Personal conflicts, i.e., divorce
  • Cheque bounce, and more.
  • Common mistakes while replying to a legal notice are:
  • Not replying on time
  • Forgetting about the relevant sections
  • Not responding in a proper and prescribed manner
  • Not mentioning party’s and advocate’s sign
  • Not mentioning the present address
  • Not adding current/active phone number (contact information)
  • The main advantage of sending a Legal Reply is that it gives a fair chance to resolve their dispute through negotiation, arbitration, or mediation without dragging the matter before the Court of Law.
    You have to address the advocate of the person or the person who has sent the Notice.


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