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Annual Compliance for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

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  Annual Compliance LLP 

Ensure your Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) compliance in India with our specialised service: Annual Compliance for LLP. We handle all the essential obligations to keep your LLP legally and regulatory compliant. Our comprehensive package includes filing the Annual Return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), submitting Financial Statements within the stipulated time, appointing an auditor for auditing financial statements, conducting an Annual General Meeting (AGM), maintaining proper books of accounts, and fulfilling tax compliance requirements such as filing income tax returns and GST returns. Our team of experts ensures that all necessary documentation is prepared accurately and submitted on time, avoiding penalties and legal repercussions. Don't risk non-compliance; let us handle your annual compliance requirements, enabling you to focus on running your business smoothly. Contact us at legal251 today for reliable and efficient LLP compliance services.

  How to apply 


Legal Compliance

Annual compliance ensures that your LLP adheres to the legal and regulatory requirements, avoiding penalties and legal consequences.

Good Corporate Governance

Compliance fosters good corporate governance practices, enhancing transparency and accountability within your LLP.

Business Continuity

Regular compliance helps maintain the continuity of your LLP's operations and reduces the risk of disruptions

Investor Confidence

Compliance demonstrates your LLP's commitment to transparency and ethical practices, attracting investors and building trust.

Enhanced Credibility

Compliance showcases your LLP as a reliable and trustworthy business entity, bolstering its reputation in the market.

Access to Funding

Compliant LLPs have better access to funding options from banks, financial institutions, and venture capitalists.

Statutory Benefits

Compliance ensures that your LLP avails statutory benefits, incentives, and concessions provided by the government.

Risk Mitigation

Regular compliance helps identify and mitigate potential risks, safeguarding your LLP's interests and minimising liabilities.

Smooth Audit Process

Compliance simplifies the audit process by maintaining organised records and financial statements, facilitating efficient audits.

Peace of Mind

Annual compliance provides peace of mind, knowing that your LLP is operating within the legal framework and fulfilling its obligations.

  Registration Process 

Our team will look into the documents that you have submitted, reviewing any false or mistaken information to keep you comfortable.

Our best GST experts are here to deal with document necessities & to fulfil your registration needs.

File Annual Returns and Financial Statements within the specified timeline with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Engage the auditor for LLP's financial statement audit. Conduct AGM to approve statements and meet tax compliance obligations.

Filing Annual Returns, appointing an auditor, and conducting an Annual General Meeting (AGM) ensures some annual compliance for LLPs.



The Annual Return for LLP in India must be filed within 60 days from the end of the financial year.
Yes, LLPs are required to appoint an auditor for auditing their financial statements.
Non-compliance can result in penalties, fines, and potential legal consequences for the LLP and its partners.
Yes, LLPs are required to hold at least one AGM each year to discuss and approve the financial statements..
Yes, LLPs can engage professional service providers to handle their compliance obligations efficiently.
Yes, LLPs must maintain proper books of accounts and other relevant documents at their registered office address.
LLPs need to file income tax returns and GST returns, if applicable, to meet tax compliance requirements.
Yes, various compliance filings, such as Annual Return and Financial Statements, can be completed online through the MCA portal.
Failure to appoint an auditor can result in non-compliance and may lead to penalties imposed by regulatory authorities.
LLPs should regularly review their compliance status to ensure timely adherence to all regulatory requirements and avoid any lapses.

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