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80U Calculator

Seamless 80U Calculator

  • This online tool updates the latest 80U rules and regulations.
  • This calculator works perfectly for everyone, especially those with disabilities.
  • You can calculate Income Tax offers tax, benefits, and an estimate of eligibility for deductions under Section 80U. Also, now you can know whether you are eligible for deductions.

Calculate ITR deductions for disabled

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Easy Estimation of Deductions

This online Calculator assesses you and estimates the deductions you can avail yourself of under 80U based on your disability.

Quick & Efficient

With the help of this online 80U Calculator, you can get the desired outcome quickly and accurately in a few seconds.

Helps Finding Eligibility

The online 80U Calculator helps you compute according to various deductions and confirms if you are eligible for a deduction or not.



Individuals with a prescribed disability between 40% to 80% disability, can claim a deduction under section 80U of the Income Tax Act.
Anyone from the below categories with a disability of more than 40% to 80% can claim deductions under section 80U:
  • Low vision
  • Blindness
  • Locomotor disability
  • Mental illness
  • Hearing impairment
  • Mental retardation
  • Leprosy-cured
  • No, one cannot claim a deduction for the disability of any of your dependents under section 80U. It is available only for taxpayers who are disabled as per section 80U.
    A person with a physical disability can claim the deductions under section 80U while reporting income in his Income Tax Return.