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 Refund Policy

  • This Refund Policy is effective for all kinds of purchases made on different channels and platforms of ISONOMY LEGAL251 PRIVATE LIMITED, not limited to our official website (, Mobile Applications, Agents, Partners, Super distributors, etc.
  • We thank you and value your service or product purchase with ISONOMY LEGAL251 PRIVATE LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “LEGAL251”). Please read this policy and the LEGAL251 terms and conditions thoroughly as they will give you relevant information and guidelines about your virtues and responsibilities as our customer, concerning any product or service we provide to you.
  • We make every endeavor to assist you as per the stipulations and timelines specified against each service or product received by you to LEGAL251, nevertheless, if, due to any cause, we are incapable of offering to you the service or product you purchased from us, then you shall be entitled to a refund which shall be subjected on the following situations:


  1. The case in which the service booked by you is not completed by LEGAL251 or is of such a nature that it can not be completed by LEGAL251. In such a case refund will be provided.
  2. The case wherein a mistake has been made on the part of LEGAL251. It is pertaining to mention here that, the said mistake should be made by the team of LEGAL251, any mistake on the part of the customer should not be eligible as a valid ground for a refund. In such case of a mistake refund will be provided.
    1. No Refund

      1. In the event a customer has paid for a service and then requests a refund only because there was a change of mind, the refund shall not be considered as there is no fault on the part of LEGAL251. In such a case refund will not be provided.
      2. For our consultation and other Advice Services including Legal Advice, no refund will be provided.
      3. No Refund would be given in a case where follow-ups are taken by the team of LEGAL251 regarding the relevant documentation and information required to complete the service but, there is no response at the end of the customer.
      4. If the request for a refund has been raised after the procurement of a service has been completed and the same is mentioned and intimated via email or through any form of communication asserting that the work has been completed, then, such refund request shall be considered invalid and no refund will be provided.
          • If the request for the refund has been accepted by LEGAL251, the same shall be processed and notified to you via email. This process of refund could take a minimum of 7 (seven) business days from the date of raising the refund request to process and shall be credited to your bank account accordingly. We at Legal251 administer the refund process with diligence and ensure that the money spent by you is returned to you at the quickest.