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Legal Notice Preparation | Send a Legal Notice Online

No legal action gets commenced without appropriate legal notice. Make the Legal Notice effective by hiring someone who has professional writing skills and knows the required legal language. Ask Legal251 for all Legal Notice related issues.

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Don't know what to do after getting a Legal Notice or how to draft one? Now you will. Connect with our legal experts and solve all your Legal Notice-related issues in no time.
A legal notice is a written communication between two parties concerning some grievance. Through a legal notice, the sender being an aggrieved party notifies the recipient about his intentions of taking legal action against the latter. A Legal Notice is also a final warning to the recipient to fulfill a specific condition if he wants to avoid court proceedings, allowing the recipient to resolve the issue correctly.
One can draft a legal notice by himself. However, it requires knowledge of legal terms and conditions and language. Similarly goes with the recipient. Once preparing or answering a legal notice, one cannot make changes to it, and if the matter moves to court, the court will take it as it is. So, it will be better for someone to take legal advice before drafting or replying to a legal notice. Contact our legal experts for the best advice.

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Legal Notice-Steps

Documents Required to Draft a Legal Notice 

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    Basic Information like full name, address, and contact details of the sender of the notice
  • bulitPoint
    Basic Information like full name, address, and contact details of the receiver of the notice.
  • bulitPoint
    Legal grounds or reasons for issuing the notice. This could include breach of contract, violation of rights, non-payment of dues, etc.
  • bulitPoint
    Copies of any contracts, agreements, or relevant documents that pertain to the issue being addressed in the notice.
  • bulitPoint
    Clear statement of the action or remedy being demanded from the recipient to rectify the situation.
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    Specify a reasonable deadline by which the recipient must comply with the demands outlined in the notice.

What are the benefits available to the sender upon sending a legal notice? 


Provide formal documentation of the sender's grievances and demands.


Serves as a prerequisite for initiating legal proceedings.


Legal Notice in India helps preserve the sender's legal rights and remedies.


Encourages negotiation and settlement discussions.


Establishes a record for future legal actions.


Acts as a deterrent against further breaches or misconduct.


Demonstrates assertiveness and professionalism in addressing legal matters.


Legal Notice acts as an intention to undertake legal proceedings.

How to File a Legal Notice? 

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    Consult a lawyer to determine if sending a legal notice is appropriate.
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    Draft a detailed legal notice outlining grievances and demands.
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    Gather relevant documents and evidence to support your claims.
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    Send the legal notice via registered post, courier, or email, retaining proof of delivery.
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    Monitor the recipient's response and consider resolving the matter amicably if they comply or initiate negotiations.
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    Consult your lawyer if the recipient fails to comply, to determine the next steps, which may involve legal action.
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    Keep copies of all communications and documents related to the legal notice.
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    Consider having the legal notice reviewed by legal counsel before sending it through post or courier.

What are the legal consequences of sending a legal notice?  

Sending a legal notice is an important step in asserting one's rights or informing another party of a legal claim. Legal notices are formal communications that put the recipient on notice of a certain legal action or obligation. They can be sent in various situations, such as breach of contract, eviction proceedings, debt collection, and many others. When sending a legal notice, it is crucial to ensure that the document is drafted correctly and follows the necessary legal requirements. Failure to do so can result in the notice being deemed invalid or unenforceable, which can negatively impact the sender's case.

The following are several consequences of sending a legal notice:-

  • bulitPoint
    Formal Notification
  • bulitPoint
    Preservation of Rights.
  • bulitPoint
    Prerequisite for Legal Action.
  • bulitPoint
    Negotiation and Settlement.
  • bulitPoint
    Legal Action.
  • bulitPoint
    Evidence in Court.
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    Time Limitations.
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    Consequences of Non-Compliance.

Process to send legal notice through Legal251 

Our legal maestros will review all the documents you submitted to lessen the chances of incorrect or misleading information to make the process smooth.

Our best legal experts are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

The respective professional will move further with your documents to draft the Legal Notice for you.

Our lawyer will draft your Legal Notice after successful verification of the documents provided by you.

It's recommended to wait until one of our experts contacts you to let you know your Legal Notice has been prepared.

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How Consulting with Legal Experts is a Key Consideration for Effective Notice Drafting  

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    Legal experts provide insights into applicable laws and regulations.
  • bulitPoint
    They offer guidance on drafting language for legal clarity and effectiveness.
  • bulitPoint
    Consulting ensures notices align with legal standards and requirements.
  • bulitPoint
    Legal expertise helps anticipate potential challenges or loopholes.
  • bulitPoint
    Expert advice enhances the overall credibility and enforceability of notices.

Methods and Considerations for Serving Legal Notice 

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    Choosing appropriate delivery methods such as registered mail or courier services.
  • bulitPoint
    Ensuring accurate addressing to the recipient for legal validity.
  • bulitPoint
    Retaining proof of delivery for future reference or legal proceedings.
  • bulitPoint
    Adhering to legal timelines and requirements for serving notices.
  • bulitPoint
    Consider alternative methods if traditional delivery fails, such as email.
  • bulitPoint
    Consulting legal counsel to ensure compliance with local regulations regarding notice serving.

FAQs on Legal Notice Preparation 

A legal notice is a formal notice that the sender provides to intimate the recipient for consideration before taking the legal proceedings to court.

Employment law cases can address various matters such as harassment, loss of pay, discrimination, or unlawful termination.

If the recipient doesn't reply to your legal notice, it would be evidence that the recipient is committing a wrong.

Generally, the plaintiff's lawyer drafts a legal notice.

It is essential to file legal notice because:

  • It is a legal requirement.
  • Gives prior notice to the opponent.
  • Increases efficiency of the litigation process.
  • One can send a legal notice via Direct Courier, Speed Post, Email, Registered Post, WhatsApp messaging, or Hand Delivery.

    In some cases, the time for filing a reply to a legal notice is between 15-30 working days and 45 days.

    The term "Show-Cause Notice" means a notice sent to any person or an individual by an authority such as an employer, Government, lawyer, and the like.

    There are various benefits of a legal notice: It provides out of Court Settlements, Written Warning, Cost Friendly, Promotes Mutual Understanding, Acts as Legal Proof, and Removal of Doubt.

    Anyone can send a legal notice under Section 80 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, to file Civil Cases in India.


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