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Professional Tax Registration Services

Instituted by the State, Professional Tax (PT) is levied on the income earned by the employees for delivering their services. Legal251 experts will help you get Registered under Professional Tax online.

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Professional Tax is a State Government imposed tax levied on the employee's income or earnings based on professions such as a lawyer, CAs or doctors, and is mandatory for almost everyone.

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Professional Tax is imposed on all salaried individuals by the state government and applies to all working professionals. It is levied on the particular individual's trade, profession or employment.
The tax rate differs according to the state. However, the maximum amount charged as professional tax is Rs.2500 per year. To learn more about Professional Tax and Professional Tax Registration, contact the professionals of Legal251 and they will help you get your PTR done. When employing staff for a business, the Professional Registration Certificate application should be submitted to the state tax department within 30 days of employing staff. If the business operates in multiple locations, separate applications must be made to each relevant authority corresponding to the jurisdiction of each workplace.

Professional Tax Return Filing and Payment  

The entities and individuals registered under Professional Tax registration are obligated to file professional tax returns regularly and pay the payable taxes within the prescribed period, which are typically on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the state regulations.

Professional Tax filing is a statutory obligation made by state governments across India. This filing process includes the declaration and remittance of the collected professional tax amount.

The digitalization of tax setup in India has rationalized Professional Tax filing. Many departments of state concerning tax offer e-platforms for convenient and efficient filing. These e-portals concerning tax departments facilitate easy submission of returns.

Following are some points that are to be considered while complying with Tax returns

  • Pay
    Pay professional tax on time
  • Obtain-PTregistration
    Obtain professional tax registration
  • accurate-documentation
    Ensure accurate documentation
  • Double-check
    Double-check all data entered while filing to claim exemptions
  • Seeking-advice
    Seek advice from tax experts or chartered accountants

Professional Tax Slab   

The government of the state imposes professional tax and rate for the same varies from state to state, but a common slab structure is based on income to pay professional tax. Article 276 of the Constitution of India gives the state government authority to impose professional tax. The highest limit set out in Article 276 is Rs.2500.

Monthly Salary (Gross)

Professional Tax (p.m.)

For the State of Karnataka

Up to INR 15,000

INR 15,001 and or above


Rs. 200

For the State of Telangana

Up to Rs. 15000

From Rs. 15,000-20,000

Above Rs. 20,000


Rupees 150

Rupees 200

For the State of Maharashtra

Up to Rs. 7,500 (men)

Up to Rs. 10,000 (women)

Rs.7,500 to Rs. 10,000

Rs. 10,000 and above



Rupees 175

Rupees 200 (Rupees 300 for February)

Professional Tax Registration Across India 

The taxation system in India is vast and landscape, imposing various types of taxes on individuals and businesses. Professional Tax is a state-level tax applied to professionals, which is an essential legal requirement to be fulfilled by professionals operating in India. The tax amount varies from state to state and is imposed based on predetermined slabs.

Professional Tax Registration is mandatory for employers and individuals falling under the slabs of the Professional Tax Act. The registration under the professional tax complies with the tax regulations and ensures the legitimate operations of professionals within the country.

This tax is a vital aspect of the taxation framework prevailing in India, which is a state tax on professions. Understanding the fine distinction of Professional Tax and fulfilling the registration and tax payment obligations are important for smooth legal compliance among the professions prevailing in the country.

Enrolment for PT Registration with Legal251  

  • Registration-Process

    Registration Process

    You have to follow the registration process on our official platform. It will only require your name, e-mail address, contact number, and service details.

  • Documentation-Process

    Documentation Process

    Following the registration process, you will be required to submit all the necessary documents for the service purchased by you. In case you don't have the necessary documents, then we will also assist you with the same.

  • Operational-Process

    Operational Process

    Our team will provide the best-in-market operational processing while you sign into our service. We’ll assist you with a hassle-free operational work process.

  • Final-Process

    The Final Process

    After the successful completion of all the operational processes, we'll provide you with the final results. Within just a few working days, you’ll be a valuable client of Legal251.

How to obtain Professional Tax Registration 

States impose this tax based on income and practice. The doorstep for registration can vary across states.

This Registration is typically conducted online through the respective state government's official website.

The segments are filled with information which usually includes details regarding income, profession, and other relevant particulars.

It's important to note that the PT registration process may differ from state to state, therefore, it is Important to choose the appropriate state.

After successful registration, one will be issued a PT Certificate, which serves as proof of compliance with the state's tax laws.

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List of Documents Required  

  • Enrolment
    Enrolment Certificate of Incorporation or LLP Agreement in case of Limited Liability Partnership
    Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
  • PAN-Card
    PAN Card
  • NOC
    NOC (if applicable)
  • photo
    Passport size photo
  • Address-proof
    Address proof of business owner
  • Details
    Details of employees and salary or wages paid
  • Other
    Other registrations or licenses (if any)

FAQs on Professional Tax Registration 

The tax deduction process includes calculating the tax according to the law, based on the employee's income and deducting it from their monthly salary.

Yes, and the eligibility criteria may include factors such as income level, age and profession.

Exemption criteria are usually available on the official government website. one can search for specific forms related to exemptions on the website or contact the local taxation department for further information.

Individuals can pay tax by opting for the relevant form, from the government's official website. Further filling out the relevant form with accurate information and submitting the same.

Due dates for professional tax payments are notified by your concerned state government. It is also important to keep in mind that Late payment of the tax might attract penalties.

To determine whether you are eligible for professional tax payment or not, you need to refer to the specific guidelines notified by your state government i.e. where your business or profession is situated.


Why Choose Legal251 for your Professional Tax Registration 

Convenient Professional Tax Registration

With Legal251 users can easily register for our service just by filling his/her name, email ID, contact number and required service. After your registration at our platform, our team will contact you and further move with your professional tax registration.


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