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Gratuity is the amount an employer pays his employees in return for their services to the company for five or more years. An employee can get his Gratuity amount before five years if the employee gets disabled due to a disease or accident. The maximum Gratuity tax exemption benefit one can get as an employee is Rs. 20 lakh.

This Gratuity calculator assists you in calculating the gratuity amount according to your service period. You don't need any technical skills for calculation. Enter your Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, and Years of Service, and you will get accurate results instantly.

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Our online Gratuity Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that makes all the computation procedures easy and gives Gratuity estimation accurately.

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Our Gratuity calculator helps you calculate Gratuity in seconds and aids in your financial planning while ensuring the best possible returns.

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You can access and use this Gratuity calculator from anywhere and at any time so that you can utilize your time more precisely.



The minimum time frame for Gratuity is five years for both government and private employees who are working on a full-time basis.
Yes. You can withdraw your Gratuity amount by Filing out the Gratuity Form-1.
The Gratuity calculation for the employees private sector is the same as for government employees.
The maximum Gratuity amount one can receive is Rs. 10 lakh. Gratuity value above Rs. 10 lakh comes under ex gratia Payment.