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Being an individual, a company, a bank, or a landlord, get your No Objection Certificate or NOC ready to avoid legal troubles.

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A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is an official & legal document issued by an individual or an institute/ organisation stating that they have no objection to the details mentioned in the document.

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It is majorly used for trade, immigration, employment and many other purposes for nullifying any party's objection.Further, NOC is also required in cases of rent agreements, admissions, traffic violations and investigation amongst others.

Applying for No Objection Certificate with Legal251  

Our NOC services cater to serve various purposes, including property transactions, employment changes, and more. Legal251's NOC services offer a streamlined and reliable process for individuals and businesses seeking official clearances.

We provide a trustable, reliable and efficient NOC solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Legal251 is committed to delivering high-quality services ensuring a hassle-free experience for individuals and businesses legal requirements.


Format of No Objection Certificate  

To draft a NOC an Individual/Organization can use the following NOC format:

  • bulitPoint
  • bulitPoint
    Details of Concerning Person
  • bulitPoint
    Statement of Matter( basic details )
  • bulitPoint
    Authorized Signatory & Name

When is a NOC certificate issued?  

Generally, a NOC shall be issued from a tenant, landlord, employer, employee or individual. Following are some examples where the same can be used:

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    Example 1:

    Company Y rented out Mr. C's building for their purpose, in this situation Company Y will require a NOC from Mr. C stating they don't have any objection from the company to operate their business.

    This NOC act as a address proof for the company & will be required to submit to the registrar of companies while registering the company or updating the same.

  • bulitPoint

    Example 2:

    A person Mr. A wants to sell his car to person Mr. B , but the vehicle is registered in Punjab RTO & Mr. B resides in Madhya Pradesh. In this case Mr. A would require to get a NOC from State Road Transport Officer/ Parivahan sewa Office.

    As, it also states if there is hypothecation against the vehicle in Punjab or not. Mr. B can use the document while re-registering the vehicle in Madhya Pradesh or in another state

Instances where No Objection Certificate is required  

No objection Certificate is required in the following instances:


NOC issued by the employer


NOC for GST registration


NOC for Visa or Immigration


NOC for Court Purposes


NOC for Vehicle Transfer


NOC from Landlord


NOC from Government Authorities


NOC from Specified Tax Authorities

Documents required for application of NOC letter  

  • bulitPoint
    Address proof (such as Aadhaar, voter ID or utility bills not older than 2 months)
  • bulitPoint
    Identity proof (such as Aadhaar, voter ID, driver's license, etc.)
  • bulitPoint
    Other documents in relation with the subject matter

Application for No Objection Certificate?  

The application of NOC differs depending on the required purpose and the person issuing it.

  • bulitPoint

    Example 1:

    A Person X changed his job from company A to company B in that case Company A would issue a No Objection Certificate to the Person X on his request stating that they don't have any objection from leaving the Company A & shifting to Company B. Here, the NOC will be issued by an employer.

  • bulitPoint

    Example 2:

    Z took a loan from bank XYA & Z repaid all the amount & requested a NOC from the bank as the loan amount has been repaid. Now, the bank would issue a NOC stating that Mr. Z has paid the loan and the bank is not having objection in regards for the same. Here, the NOC will be issued by an organisation


  Benefits Benefits 


Clears Discrepancies


Get Easy Loans


Save Time & Efforts


Eradicates Legal Issues


Boosts Credit Score


No Registration Needed


Avoids Emotional Hassle


Right to Resume Work


Proof of Repayment


Neutralize Complaints


Confirms Ownership

Process for applying NOC with Legal251  

Our legal team will review all the details mentioned and documents you have submitted to enable the chances of incorrect or misleading information to make the process smooth

The respective professional will move further with your documents to apply for your NOC

Your NOC will generate after successfully verifying your documents and will be provided to you within three working days or as soon the authority issues it

It's recommended to wait until one hour till our experts contacts you to let you know the status of your NOC

Once received you will be notified & the document will be delivered available to download in the adequate manner

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Frequently Asked Questions 

A NOC plays an important role in establishing no objection by a company, individual, bank or landlord. As it could be produced in the court to prove a matter it will help you in avoiding legal troubles

A NOC of loan closure is a document which stating that the borrower has paid dues of his loan account it helps in creating a better credit score and for future financial proceedings. The NOC will be provided by the bank in their respective format.

In case of registering a company a NOC acts as a document from the landlord stating that the landlord does not has any objection to rent out the place for the business also this NOC has to be submitted to the registrar of companies while registering(also updating the registered address) the company as it acts as address proof and can also be used as the registered address of the company.

Yes, a NOC from the required government department is necessary for construction or reconstruction of any property.

An NOC for a vehicle is issued from the state authority by which the vehicle is registered, getting an NOC from this means that all Vehicle and Road Tax are paid and no dues are remaining.

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