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HRA Calculator

Full-fledged HRA Calculator

A salaried individual can claim up to Rs. 60,000/- under Section 80GG even if he doesn't receive HRA. Also, he can calculate exemption if you receive HRA in a few moments.

According to this, you can calculate HRA by Filing in the basic details on a per annum basis:

  • Basic Salary.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA).
  • Total Rent Paid.
  • Actual HRA Received.

Calculate HRA

Pleace enter basic salary + DA
Pleace enter HRA recived

Pleace enter actual rent paid


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HRA taxable

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Error-Free Calculations

You can use this online HRA calculator as many times as you want without making a single mistake.

Claim Tax Exemptions

HRA calculator allows you to claim tax exemptions on the basis of the calculations.

Autocaculartion of HRA

This calculator takes care of all the variables that are a part of HRA calculation quickly and efficiently.



No, you can not claim HRA exemption in this case.
Yes, you can. You can claim HRA while paying back your home loan if you live in a rented property. You can avail of both benefits to minimize your taxable income.
Yes, you can. If you are living in your parent's house and getting a house rent allowance for the same, you can get a tax exemption on it. However, the house must be in your parent's name, and they need to show this rent as the income from rent in their income tax returns.
The PAN of your landlord is necessary for you to avail of HRA exemption with the condition that you pay Rs. 1lakh per year.