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Are you bracing yourself to enter into the Import-Export business? Then get your Import-Export License or IEC and take your first step towards your goal. Finding it difficult to apply for the IEC? Let us get it done for you.
An Importer-Exporter Licence (IEC Code) is a key business identification number and is mandatory when you import in India or export from India. No one is allowed to do any Import-Export business in India without an IEC License except the ones who fall under the specifically exempted category. It is a 10-digit code with lifetime validity, and the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce, issues it. As it is the most important thing you need to kick-start your import-export business, you must do it in the first place without delay. Our experts will help you get your IEC Licence so that you can focus on expanding your business.

  How to apply 


Global Market Reach

Online Registration

Requirement of Simple Documents

PAN-Based Registration

Lifetime Validity

No Compliance

No Need for Annual Maintenance

Legally Clean

Lowers the Risk of Illegal Transportation

Compete with or beat local players

Lets you avail export incentives

  Registration Process 

Our team of experts will carefully scrutinize all the documents submitted by you to lessen the chances of incorrect or misleading information to make the process smooth.

Our best Import-Export professionals are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

The respective professional will move further with your documents to apply for your IEC.

If your application, along with the submitted documents, gets approved by the concerned department, your import export business will get registered with the DGFT.

We recommend you wait until one of our experts contacts you to let you know your licence is ready.



The IEC or Import-Export Code is a 10-digit number issued by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade) Department of Commerce, the government of India. This registration number is mandatory for traders importing or exporting goods and services to or from India.
Any person or entity indulging in international trade of import or export goods and services must register for an IEC licence.
No. IEC is not a tax registration, so no tax is levied based on the IE code during importing or exporting goods and services. However, there might be customs duty applicable depending upon the services.
Anyone who is or acting as a sole proprietor of a business can obtain an IEC licence.
No. IEC Licence is not mandatory for all. Only importers and exporters of goods and services must have it. Hence, there’s no such penalty for not having an IE code, but import/export is impossible without obtaining an IEC licence.
The IE code is valid for life ( of the entity), and renewal is not needed.
With Legal251, one can obtain the IEC registration in 3-5 working days from DGFT after submitting all required documents and the application form.
Yes. The IEC number is visible in all customs documents related to imports and exports.
No, returns are required to get IEC.
One must initiate a formal request to the DGFT online to cancel the IEC. After receiving such information, the authorities will cancel it electronically.
One proprietor can get only one license


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