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Register with Indian Customs Electronic Gateway or ICE GATE (ICEGT) for the e-filing services of your Trade, Cargo carriers and other trading partners.

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If you are an importer/exporter worried about managing all your billing-related data and filing online import and export-related documents and want all the information in one place, then you need to register under ICEGATE.
Being an exporter/importer comes with the enormous responsibility of having proper records and maintaining the same. Some importers/exporters have a large amount of data containing files of bills of lading, shipping bills, bills of entry and other documents.
ICEGATE, or Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Data Interchange or Electronic Commerce Gateway, is an online portal that helps easily manage these records. Every user gets a unique ICEGATE ID and password, which helps to keep all records private and intact.
Apart from maintaining all the records and preventing the entry of any non-registered user, ICEGATE is also helpful to the citizens to clear their taxes online without spending extra time on offline payment methods. If you are looking for someone to help you with your ICEGATE Registration, your search ends here.

  How to apply 


File import-export related documents online

View and track document’s status

Keeps you informed

24/7 Help Desk

Privacy & Security

Allows Customs to respond after assessing

Provides guarantee of declarations

E-payment of customs duties

Streamlined and safe access with Digital Signature

Online verification after deliveries

Electronic IGST refund

  Registration Process 

Our experts will review all the documents submitted by you to diminish the probability of incorrect or misleading information to avoid mistakes.

Our best ICEGATE experts are here to help you with document requirements and licensing necessities.

The respective professional will move further with your documents to apply for your ICEGATE Registration.

After acceptance of the application, your business gets registered with ICEGATE. We will share the application no. with you and ask for the temporary OTP sent on your mobile no. and Email Id to proceed further.

You can wait until one of our experts reaches out to inform you of the ICEAGE registration for your business.



Without getting registered, one can not file the documents online. Therefore, to enable filing online Shipping Bills and Bill of Entries and other documents, it is mandatory to have a registered ICAGATE ID.
Exports, Imports, IGM, EGM, and Consol Manifest, are the transaction types for which you can get registered. Also, for more transaction types, you can check the transaction type box on the registration page at https://www.icegate.gov.in/.
Once created, one cannot change the ICEGATE ID since it is unique for all users.
If you send the file with an incorrect format, it will get rejected as soon as it reaches ICEGATE for processing.
You have to login into the ICEGATE website using your registered ID to check the status of your submitted documents.
Importers-exporters create a Bill of Entry, a document with details of the item they will ship. At the same time, the shippers issue a Bill of Lading with the details of items they accept to ship.
Customs duty is a tax imposed on the transportation of goods and items from international borders. The traders pay this tax over the imported goods. In India, customs duty was imposed under Customs Act 1962, specifying various guidelines related to import-export business. The ICEGATE e-payment helps pay off the customs duty online.
There are three types of Bill of Entry procedures in India: Bill of Entry for domestic/home consumption, warehousing Bill of Entry, and Ex-bond Bill of Entry.
Taking goods through customs authority accelerates cargo transportation into a country (import) and outside the country (export).
Anyone who is an Import Export Code (IEC) holder or F-card holder can register on ICEGATE.


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